Dental Emergency Calgary, Emergency Dentist Calgary

Dental Emergency Calgary

Calgary Smile Clinic in Calgary AB - (403) 800-3056

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Who is a candidate for a Dental Emergency?

  • People with a severe toothache
  • People with a cracked, fractured, or knocked-out tooth
  • People with chipped or broken teeth
  • People with a displaced dental filling or crown
  • People with an abscess or infection near the root of the tooth

Dental Emergency Calgary

Dental Emergency Treatment

Emergency dental treatment is available here at Calgary Smile Clinic in Calgary. We strive to provide the best quality emergency dental treatment possible, and by best we mean fast. Urgent dental care that solves your dental problem rather than masking its symptoms. Dr. Chahal understands the severity of pain caused by dental emergencies

Calgary Smile Clinic is proud to offer dental emergency care from the second you call our office until you are fully healed and good as new. Our highly trained staff will asist you over the phone advising you what you can do in the meantime to relieve discomfort even before you step foot in our office. It doesn't end there. After receiving your emergency dental treatment, we encourage you to call our office in Calgary with any questions or concerns you may have throughout your healing process. That's quality dental emergency care you can count on! We value and take care of our patients here at Calgary Smile Clinic. Your safety and comfort is our primary concern.

Dental Emergency Walk-Ins Accepted

If possible, call (403) 800-3056, before you walk-in so we can advice you.

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Dental Financing in Calgary.